Morning Tornados

At 5am this morning a tornado ripped through Memphis waking us up and sparking tornado alarms. As I crouched in the hallway with heavy winds buffeting the house (my room is the one most likely to have a tree fall on it) all I could think was, “Oh no! What if the house is smashed by a flying tree. How will I get my story done this week?”

Clearly I’ve become obsessed with my story a week. That’s a good thing. Though if I’d been thinking clearly, I could have gotten 45 minutes worth of writing done while crouching in the hall. So I’m not yet a full-on crazy writer.

No worries, though. The house is still intact and I plan to finish the story today. The story, a steamy romance, has been a lot of fun to write. One reason it’s fun is that it doesn’t deal with the parts of books I skip, the icky parts where people are killed or injured.

If the story holds up, perhaps this is another area that I can write happily. I am always looking for genres that come easily to me. And while this doesn’t come easily yet (I’m still learning) it doesn’t give me nightmares or make me want to cry. It makes me want to kiss my husband. Altogether a better result. It’s early days in this genre, though. I’ll find out more as I work through it.

I hope you are also experimenting and trying new things and that the only extreme weather events you encounter are tornados of inspiration and blizzards of joy.

Be well, friends!


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  1. Bel says:

    Wow that was scary. Glad you’re safe!

    1. Thank you! This was closer than usual but Memphis gets tornados regularly.

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