Writing in Public – Day 7 – Ancient Characters

I have a one week streak of writing in public!

Today I focused on my primary novel. I’m trying to figure out the timeline of events surrounding my characters and how the events in their lives match up to the historical events. I had a bit of a breakthrough today.

Julia Drusilla, Emperor Caligula’s sister and rumored lover, died at the age of 22 on June 10, 38 CE from plague. Caligula mourned her as if she were his wife and empress and ordered her to be deified, giving her the name Pangea “All Goddess”. It is her death that sparks the Greek riots that rage across Alexandria, leaving large numbers of Jews dead, their homes destroyed, and their synagogues burned. This event along with the visit of Agrippa to Alexandria in the early summer of 38 CE are events that tie to character events, so I should be able to get the dates for each event now. Now I need to review the outline again to tighten it up and make it comport with reality. Or I need to choose another year and revise the outline if I want to avoid the horror of that riot. I’m trying to decide what to do.

Another of today’s interesting discoveries is that if you put any year into Wikipedia, it will not only give you the events for that year, it will also give you how that year is represented in many of the world’s calendars. For example, here is 33 AD:

Gregorian calendar AD 33
Ab urbe condita 786
Assyrian calendar 4783
Balinese saka calendar N/A
Bengali calendar −560
Berber calendar 983
Buddhist calendar 577
Burmese calendar −605
Byzantine calendar 5541–5542
Chinese calendar 壬辰年 (Water Dragon)
2729 or 2669
— to —
癸巳年 (Water Snake)
2730 or 2670
Coptic calendar −251 – −250
Discordian calendar 1199
Ethiopian calendar 25–26
Hebrew calendar 3793–3794
Hindu calendars
 – Vikram Samvat 89–90
 – Shaka Samvat N/A
 – Kali Yuga 3133–3134
Holocene calendar 10033
Iranian calendar 589 BP – 588 BP
Islamic calendar 607 BH – 606 BH
Javanese calendar N/A
Julian calendar AD 33
Korean calendar 2366
Minguo calendar 1879 before ROC
Nanakshahi calendar −1435
Seleucid era 344/345 AG
Thai solar calendar 575–576
Tibetan calendar 阳水龙年
(male Water-Dragon)
159 or −222 or −994
— to —
(female Water-Snake)
160 or −221 or −993


Writing in Public blog streak… Day 7

— Short Fiction: 00 new words.

— Novel-Length fiction: 00 new words.

— Blog Posts: 375 new words.

— Editorial Work: 00 words.

— Year of Short Fiction Goal: 3 short stories finished and sent out by year end.

— Novel Goal: 1 complete novel by year end.

Healthful Eating Streak: Day 5


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