2019’s Short Stories and January’s Plans

It took longer to compile the list of my short stories and write descriptions than I anticipated, but here it is now. This is the list of all the short stories written in 2019. I’m incredibly pleased that there are 40. Because it is a long list and this is a blog post, I thought it would be easier on your screens if I just created a .PDF that you could open. 

Carolyn- short stories 2019

Now that it is 2020, that means that all our tentative plans and goals are no longer tentative. They are the goals.

Part of me is wringing my hands, saying: Why? Why have you committed to so much this year? Another part of me is exhilarated. One of the many things that made my job at FedEx wonderful was the exhilaration. I’m now creating it in my life this year. Of course one of the things that made the job at FedEx terrible, was the intensity. And I am recreating that in my life now. Fun! I’m stepping back on the rollercoaster ride.

I believe I’ve outlined my goals  for 2020 in a previous post so I’m not going to do it here. But I will say that January is the first month of the Year of Publication. This month’s plans include Indie publishing three short stories, one of ours and two of Max’s. I don’t plan to do much marketing. The point is just to practice publishing so that I’m ready to publish books when I’m ready to do that. First step this week is to select the works to be published Indie and do the initial editorial work.

Also this month I draw deck plans for the game supplement we are under contract for. Current plan is to use Illustrator for that, which I need to learn.

Finally, I am still working on The Great Challenge, so I’ll need to write a story a week until May 10. Also I’ll my plans include submitting stories to publishers and continuing to submit a story to Writers of the Future quarterly . If I have time I would also like to get started on one of the novels for this year. But that may be too much for January since I am also traveling at the end of the month. It’s an exciting month.

I hope that your 2020 is filled with peace, health, and just enough excitement to keep you interested.

Be well!





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