A Planner for Writers/Indie Publishers

I received a beautiful new planner from Mark Leslie Lefebvre yesterday. The planner is the JoZie planner by J.C. McKenzie and Jo-Ann Carson and it’s made specifically for writers. I showed it to Steve and we think that we can really use this for our writing/planning meetings in 2023.

JoZie Planner for Writers/Indie Publishers

It has the normal things that planners have: calendar pages, places is for your goals, and so forth. But what makes it cool is what it has for writers. There’s a page for each of your books: the title, your book’s information like your ISBN/ ASIN, your cover artist, when you plan to release it, the word count, and so forth. It also has check offs for the phases in all the different things you need to do from writing to publishing to marketing. For example, you can check off when your first draft is complete, when you’ve edited, or when you sent it to sensitivity readers.

A partial page from the planner filled out for our upcoming title Champagne Chills.

You can note that you’ve set up the pre- orders or when you’ve sent out the advance reading copies or copies for reviews or when you’ve taken care of social media. Plus at the end is a place for what she calls common tropes and Universal fantasies which I’ve also heard described as an Id List, which lists the tropes and other things you love and want to put in your books. It’s spiral-bound so it will lie flat as it’s used, which is another nice touch.

I’m really thrilled and grateful to Mark Leslie Lafebvre for sending this to me. I urge you to listen to his podcast where he interviews the two women who created the planner.  All of his podcasts are pretty cool, so check him out. 

You can get one of your own from Amazon or at Vervante.

Renovation Update

I promised you video of our renovation and here is the first installment: my favorite room, The Solarium. I hope you enjoy it seeing it as much as we love living here.

Be well friends!

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