A Quiet Day of Planning

About a week ago I wrote up my tips for writing a story a week. Now, in response to a Dean Wesley Smith post about people dropping out of the Great Challenge a bunch of my fellows who are writing a short story a week have chimed in with their tips on how to make this work. It’s at the end of the post in the comments. It’s well worth reading.

I chose a gym and had my first workout yesterday. It went great! There is a quiet place to sit and write before/after my workout with splendid coffee. With that as an inducement, I found it easy to get on the gym floor. First day in was running and some light upper body work with the free weights. Also I started the next short story while working out. Wins all around.

It is Christmas Day, which is our official day to work on next year’s budget and plans. We do most of the planning on Christmas because it is relatively free from distractions while our friends and neighbors celebrate their holiday. Then we reward ourselves with a hike.   My hope is that we emerge from today with an actionable plan for the next five years and solid 2020 goals.

Hey! If you are celebrating Christmas today, best wishes! I hope it fills the place in your heart that receives joy and love. If you are not a celebrant, then I hope you enjoy the quiet of the day and time away from the hurly burly of the work week.

Be well, friends!

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