Anniversary Plans

Many thanks to my friends who made suggestions for how to celebrate our wedding anniversary in this year of isolation. We’ve been trying to think of ways to celebrate that are distinctly us and that celebrate what we find romantic. So that means we’re gaming, hiking, and eating.

We talked through the ideas and have decided on a long hike through Pinson Mounds with a gourmet picnic lunch. Then home for a slow-cooked gourmet dinner of seitan roast with roasted vegetables, black rice, and vegetables. Followed by cake, Phillip Ashley truffles, and a movie.

We considered trying one of the meal services, but after thoroughly investigating it, I realized that I’m actually a pretty good cook. At one point I spent about 4 months in a culinary program learning to make gourmet vegan meals. I’m not saying that it made me an expert, but it does mean that I’d likely find myself constrained and impatient with a meal kit. So I’ll make our gourmet food. Steve saved an excellent champagne and we’ll enjoy that with our meal.

One friend suggested replicating our past special anniversary dishes, which will actually be very easy since it was the same special vegan cheesecake each time for years and years. So, I’m putting that in the list. Depending on the method I use to create the vegan cheese, it can take up to two weeks to ferment it, so I need to start prepping soon.

The next day will be gaming with mochi and other snacks. We have not yet decided on the game. Perhaps it should be Fight in the Skies, which was the game I fell in love with him over. All that hot biplane action, I mean what else does a teenage girl need to fall in love?

Those are our plans: food, hiking, more food, movies, more food, gaming and as a final treat: food.

I hope that you are making your celebrations count. Even if we can’t travel, we can still travel back in time with the people we love and remind ourselves of exactly why we love them.

Be well, friends!

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