Another Argosy Story

I finished yet another story. This time it is a sweet romance “meet cute” story about Thaddeus and Chloris, an unlikely pair if there ever was one. The story takes place entirely at the Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria. For now she has her career as an assistant to Kosmos, Argosy City’s philosopher. He has promised himself as an acolyte to Isis. So the two will continue their relationship but no marriage is on the horizon.

One of the things I love about the Argosy setting is that I can write just about any sort of story there.

I tried to write this one in under 3,000 words since I had such a late start, but the story insisted (as so many do) that it wanted to be 4,500 words. In fact, it could have easily gone 8,000 if I hadn’t eliminated some of the try-fail cycles I’d planned to show.

Quick eyes will note that this is not the story I started out writing on Tuesday of last week. That story went about 2,000 words and simply stopped. I’ve found that if the story simply doesn’t want to be written yet, it needs to be put aside. Yesterday was a scramble to get the story in and I eventually turned it in quite, quite late at night.

What is important is that it got in on time. And sent in my homework to Dean for the Writing Sales Copy class.

I hope your projects move along as well. Be well, friends!

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