Between the Cracks

Since we bought the new house, things have started falling through the cracks. Time has taken on an eerie timeless quality that nonetheless moves faster than we can breathe. I know that I’ve missed emails, missed due dates, and missed at least two events that I planned to go to.

We are in the midst of preparing our old house for sale at the same time we are packing and supervising renovations and repairs on our new house. It’s dizzying.

In the meantime I’ve finished the Micronomicon version of Lightning Scarred with the new graphics and new RPG adventure. I won’t be taking on anything with deadlines until we are safely in the new house and the major renovations are either done or proceeding smoothly.

In the meantime, I’m stealing time from packing to write small snippets of openings to keep up with writing 250 words a day. It’s about all I can do right now. I may try to do some dictation while I pack my bedroom today. We’ll see if that’s a good way to multi-task.

Hope your life is less packed but no less satisfying. Be well, friends!

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