Blog Streak

Yesterday was my 85th consecutive blog post, which is kind of amazing.

A few years ago, I started keeping this blog on a weekly, then a monthly basis to answer my mother’s two questions: “How is the writing going?” and “Are you done yet?”

As it turned out, those were not burning questions for her. I think they were actually ways to connect. While for me they were deep questions that I didn’t want to answer because the answers were always “Really slowly” and “No, not done yet.” I was embarrassed.

I started keeping this blog on a daily basis as a challenge in November. I made some rules. First, I could write about whatever I wanted each morning. If I didn’t want to answer “How is the writing going?” or “Is it done yet?” I didn’t have to. Second, this blog is for me and would be whatever I needed that day. As much as possible, I want the blog to leave me happy at the end. So most often I seek a way to translate what I’m writing into something good.

Each morning, I approach the blog as if I am writing to my best friends. (I picture some of you in my mind as I write.) In the process, I’ve found my voice and an ease with who I am, flaws and all. This helps me write fiction because it helps me get out of my own way and because I start each morning writing.

Dean Wesley Smith talks a lot about the power of streaks. He’s right. Streaks are important, not because of what is produced through them (though that’s often nice) but because of what they teach. What they teach is different each day, for each person, and changes through time and with the type of streak.

I’m glad I took the plunge and I’m delighted with those who have connected with me through this blog. I am grateful to every person who reads this and to those who like or comment, whether here, on Twitter, or on Facebook. You make a difference to me. It is fascinating to see what you like or comment on. I couldn’t have predicted it, which really reinforces what Dean says often, “Writers are the worst judges of their own writing.”

Much love to all of you. May your own work connect you more deeply with the universe and with people.

Be well, friends.

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