Lately we contemplated buying another house and spent time searching for a better house for us. But today I realized that houses are just boxes. It isn’t changing one box for another box that matters, What matters is how I extend beyond the box I’m in through art and writing. Or how I extend my fairy fingers to touch another human being that truly breaks me out of my box. We will continue to contemplate changing boxes, but for now that is not imminent.

I’ve been working on two RPG articles, one an adventure and the other a setting with adventure seeds. The great thing about working on gaming projects is that they fill my cup with new ideas I can bring into my fiction.

I can’t really talk about the setting since I signed an NDA, but I can talk about the adventure. It will be part of a very special version of Lightning Scarred that will be available to those who backed the Micronomicon. It will be an adventure set in Thule and will be usable for any RPG system. Both projects are due in a few weeks.

I am also working on a story for a Superstars anthology. I think I have a winning idea, but I’m struggling with the ending. It is due to Mia by May 1 and I suspect I’m going to go right up to the deadline.

So what about the novel? It is taking a back seat to the other stirring activities in my life and behind the other projects I have due.

In other news, my weight has stabilized after losing about 16 pounds. So I’ll need to focus on that after all the deadlines. But it’s still great to have a diet that I don’t have to pay much attention to and it still doesn’t cause weight gain.

So that’s the story. I hope you are not feeling boxed in and are finding ways to make the walls disappear.

Be well, friends!

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  1. I’m so pumped you are doing gaming stuff with Thule! Can’t wait to play!
    If you’d like another reader for the story you’re working on I’d be love to take a look, as you have been so helpful to me with my project 😉

    1. That would be wonderful if you have time and enjoy science fiction.

      1. I do have the time now! Thesis defended and my other assignments are winding down. And I love Sci-fi. Though I read more fantasy, my favorite moving picture genre is sci-fi. Send it my way if ya like 🙂

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