Bringing in the Lettuce

Where does Steve get his energy to write so much and run so far? Plants. Specifically green leafy vegetables, which he eats enormous quantities of. He is probably half chlorophyll at this point. I affectionately refer to him as my sweet koala bear since koalas are also introverts that eat their own weight in leaves. (Only a slight exaggeration.)

With self-isolation I am only shopping for groceries every 4-6 weeks. I can’t buy enough lettuce and spinach leaves to last that long. In desperation I started sprouting. I’m getting beautiful crops with the help of my new favorite sprouter and seeds I purchased from

If you are looking for information on sprouting, go there. They have a full educational site. In fact, they didn’t start out selling products. They started as an educational site for spouters. They have videos and detailed information on how to sprout each type of seed. They’re amazing.

But sprouts are just sprouts. They’re great on bread, but what if you want a full leafy salad? Or what if you want to grab a handful of leaves and pop them in your mouth like other people eat M&Ms? That’s a challenge. There’s no end in sight for self-isolation, so I need a new solution that doesn’t include a weekly visit to the grocery.

Yesterday I ordered an Aerogarden, which is basically a small hydroponic garden for inside use that a friend tells me is perfect for growing green leafy vegetables and cherry tomatoes. I’m excited to put it through its paces. If it works, I’ll consider adding more units so that I can fully power my adorable superhero ultrarunner. It cost a fair amount of green, but if it pays me back in a happy Steve, I’ll be happy as well.

If you have done this and have tips, let me know. Hydroponics is a whole new world for me

Writing Update

Things are green in the writing world as well. I have new shoots coming up, though nothing is finished.

One of my friends, Jenny, joined our little romance group. Writing with her again is providing a new bit of inspiration. I really think that people are the key for me. Others thrive in writing in isolation, like my favorite koala bear, but for me, I need people.

I expect to finish the edits today and to send out Thule tomorrow, but it will be a near thing. Cross your fingers for me and think green thoughts.

I hope your art is also sprouting with new life. Be well, friends!

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