Brittany Runs a Marathon

Anyone who knows me knows that it takes a lot to make me cry. I’ve gone years between tears.

Last night we watched Brittany Runs a Marathon (an Amazon movie) and by the climax I was sobbing my eyes out. The movie is a deeply emotional and deeply humorous journey of a woman finding herself and her truth. Despite the title, it isn’t a running movie. It’s not one of those glib, shallow movies that Steve and I call “runners porn” (and watch all the same).

It is about self-transformation and the deep internal work that goes into it. It is about finding people who support you, who value who you are, and who want you to be a better you. It’s about tribe.

One of the lovely things about the movie is its easy diversity. Her best running friend is gay. He has the same kinds of difficulties any young father faces trying to be a good example for their kids. That’s just one of her relationships. The film is broadly diverse, much as running itself is. All people run: rich, poor, all races, all genders.

The show goes out of its way to show that the problem with Brittany isn’t that she’s fat. It’s that she hates herself. Most running movies do not tackle any deeper emotional content than the physical pain involved in running itself. This film goes there and does so masterfully. It is brutally realistic but delivers it with humor.

Needless to say I was inspired to run after the movie. That is the purpose of runners porn, after all. But more deeply, I’m inspired to live better, to write better, to be better.

I recommend the movie highly to you, my friends. But have a box of tissues handy for the happy tears.

Be well, friends! Get out there and become a better you. Or don’t. I love you as you are. And for who you might become.

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