One of the  great joys of trying out stories in a lot of genres is that I’ve learned a lot more about things I like. One of those is cats in stories, which should come as no real surprise since I love reading cat stories. This week I’ve started another, this one focused on 38AD Alexandria. It will be a “meet-cute” between assassin and cat before they realize that they were meant to be together.

I’m also creating a number of images with cats using  Daz 3D. So clearly I am obsessed. Dean says that there is definitely a market for cat stories, so here’s hoping it remains.

A firehose of information is flooding my consciousness lately. I may have to set aside some time each day to turn everything off so that I can concentrate. A friend has been using the Freedom app, which prevents one from checking the web and doing various other distracting activities. I may be ready to try it again.

Hope your productivity is ticking along. Be well, friends!


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