Cave Creek

I’m in a writing course run by Dean Wesley Smith called Writing in Shared Worlds. As part of the class he is creating a shared world called Cave Creek, which is a sort of weirdness magnet. Located north of Las Vegas in Nevada, Cave Creek is a place where strange things happen. Dean describes it this way, “If Twilight Zone still existed, its home town would be Cave Creek.” Cool, right?

Dean will be writing a book set in Cave Creek as well as editing three anthologies. The anthologies will include stories from big name authors as well as people from the class whose stories meet the quality standards. It’s an exciting project. In order to pay for it, he’s set up a Kickstarter. You can view the Kickstarter page.

Take a look to see if it is something you’d want to support. The rewards and stretch goals are excellent with items for both readers and writers. If they meet Stretch Goal 5, everyone supporting the project (even at the $5 level) will get six different books and $1,100 value in workshops. And if you are not a writer, you are free to gift the workshops to a writer friend or family member.

I think this is a great deal. Please take a look and consider supporting it.

Thanks for reading this!

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