Yesterday I finally announced to Memphis Writers that I would be stepping away from my role as meeting facilitator for the Thursday night meetings. Memphis will open back up to business on May 4, but unfortunately the virus is still floating around and is a danger to Steve. Since I can’t risk bringing the virus home, I’m looking for a volunteer to take over the Thursday meetings. The Memphis Library is scheduled through the end of the year, though when they will allow us to meet again and whether our designated room is big enough to ensure social distancing is a different question. I’ll be happy to help whoever steps forward to take the reins from me.


I’ve started a new challenge with a friend: The Submission Challenge. We will each edit and send out one new short story a month from the stockpile of stories we wrote for the Great Challenge. Then we will keep each story circulating until it has been rejected at least ten times (preferably more). If you want to join the challenge, just let me know and I’ll put you on the spreadsheet.

I will also be working on other projects at the same time, including my personal challenge to myself to produce at least one and preferably three novels by the end of this year.


As some of you know I also have a personal challenge to submit a short story to Writers of the Future each quarter. They’ve posted their list of first quarter winners and my Honorable Mention is on it. I’ve updated my main website to list the honorable mentions (and hopefully additional contest wins, in the future).


Speaking of challenges, Steve is also taking up a challenge: the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000 Kilometer Challenge. He’s joined a virtual race starting today that challenges participants to run 1000 kilometers (621 miles) in four months. I will be there to be his crew and take photos. I wish I could join him by walking the distance he is running, but I’m not currently up to that. I could really use a physical challenge, so I’ll think about what would be reasonable and fun for me.

I hope all your challenges are exciting ones! Be well friends, and stay well.

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