Chaos Into Order

Yesterday was crazy and because it came after several days of late nights, I fell asleep early, before doing my critical daily streak items, including this blog. This shows me that some things can’t be put off until later, including this blog entry. So I’ll do it first thing in the morning, while drinking my tea. The streak begins anew.

I remember my childhood as a long series of emergencies and urgent issues. From the glimpses I get into my sister’s life, it sounds like that assessment is true. I don’t know how people with children get anything done. Just a few days of chaos derails me. But creating art is all about forging order out of chaos.

If you have children and are somehow writing or doing art, you have my utmost admiration. Don’t short-change yourself. Don’t compare yourself to childless people or to people rich enough to have household help. You are doing amazing work just by carving out time for it and getting as much done as you can. Doubly so if you also have an outside job.

I have finished chapter two and most of chapter three in the novel. Because we’ve been watching David Baldacci’s Masterclass on writing while I’m doing the novel, it’s been helpful to compare what I’m doing to what he does, both how he talks about it and what his chapters actually look like.

After analyzing a chapter from one of David Baldacci’s books and one of Tiffany Reisz’s books, I think some of my chapters are too long for the feel of the genre I’m attempting, which is a romantic thriller vibe wrapped in a time travel romance. In the case of chapter two, way too long. So I’ll be cutting that one into two chapters and I know exactly where to do that.

I continue to work on the eddas. I’d intended to finish two more of them yesterday, but see above regarding my crazy, sleep-deprived life messing with my productivity.

I hope your life is going well today and that despite chaos impinging upon it, you managed to sweep it away and find some order and productivity. Be well, friends!

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