Corona Virus and MidsouthCon Considerations

My sister is a yoga teacher and one of the venues she teaches at has closed due to the Corona virus (Corvid-19). Other events have closed and this is clearly having a bad effect on the economy and people’s lives.

With so many events shutting down, Steve and I are assessing what we should do about MidsouthCon. Obviously the Con cannot shut down because that would be a serious financial hit. Mary Robinette Kowal outlines why in this Twitter thread. (It’s very much worth a readthrough.)

Both of us have obligations to the con. I am moderating three panels and Steve is running Call of Cthulhu adventures. At this point we plan to go and simply take precautions. Wash hands frequently, wear costumes that require gloves, avoid being coughed on, etc. (Cosplay is a perfect opportunity to wear gloves.)

We may also attend fewer events at MidsouthCon, go home early, and possibly avoid the vendors area and con suite since those are likely to be the most dangerous part of MidsouthCon for the spread of the virus. Let’s face it, I don’t need Oreos. I just want Oreos. Plus, I mostly spend my money in the art show anyway and I intend to show up for that.

Steve, in particular, is vulnerable to this virus (or any respiratory disease) because he has severe asthma, so we want to play it safe. On the other hand there’s only been one case in Shelby County so far, so we don’t want to go crazy from panic either. From what I can tell, my friends will be attending but taking sensible precautions also.

So that’s how it is affecting us. Hopefully we are walking a sensible path between crazy panic and blithe unconcern. One never knows, I suppose.

I’m curious how others are making their decisions, so if you don’t mind telling me, I’d be interested in hearing.

Stay safe, friends!


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  1. Paul says:

    Dear Cousin Carolyn, I understand your desire to attend MidsouthCon next week. Being an almost 65 year old hypertensive, I would not go but you are both younger and are at less risk than I am. Although there is currently only one confirmed case in Shelby county, there are certainly many others that have the virus but have not been tested; statistics are that 80% of those infected have milder symptoms and those may not have been deemed ill enough to be tested. Realize also that the MidsouthCon attendees will be coming in from other locations where the virus may have established a stronger presence.

  2. Steve is who we are worried about since he has asthma and lung ailments are bad for him. Your points are quite sound and if we had no obligations to the Con, we might skip it. We are still thinking it through.

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