Countdown: Five Stories Left

Number 47! Just five stories left until completion of The Great Challenge. I’m excited to be heading into the home stretch.

Last night’s story, “Unstuck,” was a steamy time travel romance with a happy ending and a lot of fun to write.

Everything intensifies now. April had already been set up as the most difficult month of the challenge before the difficulties we are all living through. Now I find out what I’m made of. I hope it’s words and story structure and not puppy dog tails or sugar and spice.

In ten days I need to have a story for Kris Rusch’s Short Story Intensive and I need to read a whole bunch of short stories to prepare as well. All this is coming at the same time that I need to finish a short story for the Superstars anthology, prep for Passover, and do all the normal parts of my writing life (critiquing, editing, writing the next story for The Great Challenge, and so forth).

Lots to do! And all of it is fun stuff. I’m lucky.

I hope you are doing well confronting your own challenges. Be well, friends! And stay well.

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