Countdown: Nine Stories Left

I missed yesterday’s blog post, which means that this starts my streak over again at one. I’m ok with that because last night I turned in my 43rd short story in 43 weeks. There are just nine left in the challenge. This week’s story is another light Argosy story and my first cat story, “Tales from the Argosy: Cat’s Paw.”

One of the things I love about the Argosy stories (at least most of them) is that they are lightly humorous and have happy endings. They uplift me to write them. That’s my sweet spot in fiction. I like light humor, happy endings, and fun characters.

Someone recently suggested that I write from my deepest anxieties, but looking around at the world, I thought, “No. My deepest anxieties are already covered by the news media. I need something better than fear and anxiety. I need hope and humor.” So that’s what I write.

One thing I discovered this week was a spreadsheet created by Jamie Raintree to track writing on projects. It looks like a good way to get things under control and see how I’m doing on our many, many projects. She even created a video to explain how to use it. She’s charging for it, but at $10, I decided it was worth buying it to avoid putting time into making one. I’d rather put time into my many projects and classes.

Hope your productivity is taking you to new places today. Be well, friends!


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