Countdown: One Story Left

I turned in my latest story, another time travel piece called “Alexander the Great’s Kitten.” It came hard this week and I’ve realized something. The weeks where it comes hard are either down to my own demons of self-doubt or exhaustion. Both things I should have some control over. External problems I’m pretty good at figuring ways around. There’s probably a profound lesson there. Who knows?

Now I need to answer the question of what is next? What am I doing for the last seven months of the year? And how?

Some answers are already obvious. I’m going to finish writing a novel in the next few months and I have deadlines for one secret project and a self-imposed deadline for another. And I’ll continue to submit a short story a quarter to the Writers of the Future contest. Other than that, I’m not sure.

I’m considering taking up strength training since it would be easy to do while Steve works out and probably good for me, but we’ll see.

Hope your week is going well, friends. Be well. Find happiness.

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