Countdown: Seven Stories Left

Last night I turned in the 45th story in 45 weeks which means just seven more stories before I finish the Great Challenge. I’m pretty excited by that.

This week’s was another cat story, this time set in a contemporary setting: “Viral Vengeance.” Evie’s bank account bleeds money but she can’t go out and make more. Too many people at home during the quarantine for her to make a living as a burglar. When her girlfriend finds a woman who makes money harming cats, Evie sets off to steal the woman blind and rescue the cats. Typical of my stories it is cute and has a happy ending. It is also the  capstone to the How to Write a Cat Story course.

Cave Creek enters its final days of the Kickstarter. It’s passed its first stretch goal which means that every backer gets extra books. If it passes the next, everyone will get more books plus a lecture on writing or publishing. If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look.

This week is all about reading short stories for the short story intensive and working on deckplans for our secret project. And writing the 46th short story, of course.

Sometimes getting lost in a good book is all we need in challenging times. We are living through an unprecedented period of generosity by authors as they do their part to keep us entertained. If you need a book, let me know the genre and I’ll hook you up with an author giving away or severely discounting books in that genre.

I hope you have good fiction by your side this week. Be well, friends! And stay well.


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