Countdown: Six Stories Left

As promised, today’s post is another countdown post. Last night I turned in the 46th story in 46 weeks. I have only six stories left before completing The Great Challenge.

This one titled “The Cat’s Assassin” follows Tzipporah the day after her engagement to Lev. She intends to take care of a few minor errands for her father and then enjoy a day of perfect joy and freedom. Of course things don’t go entirely as planned, starting with the Egyptian Mau Cat that seems to be following Tzipporah along the rooftops of Alexandria. Or is it really following her?

I also started my steamy mountain climbing romance last week and I’ll continue working on it. However I don’t think it will be the story I turn into Dean this week. Though perhaps I’ll send Dean a romance of some sort.

Due tomorrow is my story for Writers of the Future. Also my story for the Superstars Anthology needs to be finished and sent in. So many stories on the horizon! Even once the Great Challenge ends, I’ll still be writing shorts. Though my novels will get the lion’s share of my attention at that point.

I hope you have also had a good week. Be well, friends! And stay well.

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