Creating Abundance

The next ten days will be challenging. I need to write three short stories in that time. Without the Great Challenge (52 Stories in 52 Weeks) this would have felt impossible. But now it just feels exciting and challenging. I am filled with an abundance of hope and a set of tools to get this done.

I think my change in attitude toward difficult things is the main benefit I’ve gotten from The Great Challenge. I’m not just a struggling writer. I’m the person who wrote (at last count) 47 stories in 47 weeks. I am mighty! Watch me do more. There are other benefits from The Great Challenge as well. I plan to write a blog post on that when the challenge is done.

In addition to writing I’m also teaching myself Daz 3D art, which is utterly engrossing and a lot of fun. And I’m learning as much as I can about Indie publishing. Last night a friend listed off all the things I’ve been doing and learning and it was overwhelming. I gulped. Who is that person? Surely not me. I’m the lazy one.

The big holidays of Passover, Ramadan, and Easter approach and this year will be more challenging in some ways. I’m impressed with the ingenuity people are showing in dealing with the circumstances.

My family will be holding a Zoom seder. My mind keeps going back to memories of opening the door for Elijah and wondering how this will work with Zoom. As a girl, I always held my breath when the door was opened, hoping that there would be someone there.

One year there was: two LDS missionaries. I asked my father what to do and he said to invite them in, which is the traditional formula. ‘May all who are needy come and celebrate Passover with us.’ Everyone was a bit relieved when they declined. Not enough chairs.

This year I am certain that the LDS missionaries are also socially isolated, which is something of a shame since no one else ever appeared at the door at that point in the service. But who knows? Perhaps a Zoom chat window will open unexpectedly at that time and Elijah will fly in through the screen and drink his designated glass of wine.

We can hope, just as we hope for an end to our isolation and that a period of peace, generosity, and goodness will sweep the world. Of course we must do our part to usher it in.

We will be donating to organizations focused on ending hunger today. It seems appropriate for Passover and as a way to honor my father, who believed strongly that no one should ever enter his presence hungry and leave in the same condition.

Have a wonderful Easter, Ramadan, or Passover if  you celebrate. And if you do not celebrate, may your spring be glorious and bring you renewal.

Be well, friends! And stay well.



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