Daily Dozen Challenge

Without really intending to, and surprisingly without too much guilt, I’ve taken about a month off from writing and from social media, and from a focus on the news. I’ve been using my energy for family, for rest and recovery, and to organize my very messy house. I’ve also been working on organizing my life and finances for the upcoming year.

One of the things I love about December is something I used to hate about the month, the Christmas madness that I couldn’t really participate in. I used to feel alone and left out. Over the last decade, I’ve come to realize that the alone time is actually a gift. It’s a time for me to put the last year in perspective and to organize everything from goals to finances to my physical spaces. It’s like a personal Zen retreat, but without all the sitting.

When I used to work for FedEx, we couldn’t do any really serious work during the period from Thanksgiving to New Years because nothing could disrupt the safe delivery of packages. Certainly not new software with all the problems new software brings. Peak season was, for most of the company, an intense focus on getting packages out, but for the areas I worked in, it was a bit of a breather. I think I learned something from that.

We are all dying slowly. At least we are if we are lucky. We lost another member of our writing community recently, far, far too young. It is heart-breaking and puts things into perspective. None of us knows how long we have here. We just have to do our best to be good and to be kind with the time we have.

My focus the last couple of months has been on how to die slower, though. I’m reading another book by Michael Greger, How Not To Age, which is a book of research on how to avoid many problems that hit us when we age. He also founded and operates the NutritionFacts.org website, which keeps up with research on food and diseases. Unsurprisingly, eating green leafy vegetables and other vegetables plus exercise seem to be one of the central keys to aging well. 

Greger created something he calls the Daily Dozen: a list of twelve foods and habits that will improve your life if you incorporate them.

I’m taking a Daily Dozen Challenge in this next 60 days, which is to try to check as many boxes off as I can. My goal is all of the boxes each day, but we’ll see how well I do. The great thing for me about the Daily Dozen is that it is fun. It’s not restrictive. I can eat whatever I want, I just need to add these healthy foods and get some exercise. I’ll report back here how it’s going, what I’m eating, and what I’m learning from Dr. Greger’s book.

Here’s what I’ll be adding to my diet each day.

Infographic created by Nutrition Facts and used under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/ Learn more at https://nutritionfacts.org/daily-dozen/

Serious writing restarts on January 2. I’m looking forward to diving back into my current project. We also plan to release a number of new game supplements in 2024, so stay tuned for that.

I hope you have all had a wondrous holiday season and that your 2024 will be filled with life, love, and joy.

Be well, friends!

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