Fangirl Flusterings

I try to contain my enthusiasms. I really do. Sometimes they just burst forth. Today is that kind of day.

I’m excited because one of my favorite authors has a Kickstarter for one of my favorite series. That is Kristine Kathryn Rusch’ Diving Into the Wreck series. She is also one of my favorite writing teachers and there’s plenty of writing education included.

In this Kickstarter they’re including a cooperative Diving the Wreck game you can add on. The game is by Catalyst, the company responsible for Shadowrun, Battletech, and other games. This really is a confluence of everything I love most: two new books in one of my favorite series, writing education, and a cooperative game.

If that weren’t enough, their writing stretch goals are phenomenal this time and included for anyone who pledges $5 or more. They include three brand new Pop Up courses for free if they meet the stretch goals: How to Write Novellas (stretch goal already met), Science Fiction World Building (getting close to this stretch goal), and Creating Believable Aliens. In addition there are all sorts of other books and goodies in the stretch goals. The courses are video courses done through Teachable.

Even if you’re not sure you want to fund their Kickstarter, click into the campaign and snag Rusch’s free novella Diving Into The Wreck that begins the whole series. It’s about half way down the description, under the section called “For Everyone.”

I love this book so much and I think you will as well. It’s the far future and the protagonist is an archaeologist who dives into the wrecks of ancient spaceships. Of course in this novella she gets more than she bargained for. The award-winning novella kicked off this series. During the Kickstarter, it is totally free.

Just check it out!

Personal Update

I’ll be turning in chapters 4 and 5 to my Romance group tonight. I’m pretty close to done. I need to add ‘texture’ to them. That is, I need to improve the emotional and sensual experience so that readers will feel it along with my characters.

I’m still working on eddas and editing the Thule collection. That’s going slow right now. Eddas always go slow for me. They’re basically poems that have to be written in the voice of Viking poets. It warps my brain to do them, but I’m getting better. If my editor is reading this, I will send this to you on time. No worries.

I have a new life goal: make or license a game based on on of my stories.

Thanks for reading down this far. I normally try to keep my fangirl excitements to myself, but I couldn’t contain it today. Plus, I thought you might like this one as well.

I hope your excitement is leading you to productive places. Be well, friends!

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