Fitness, Food, and Health

My sister is a yoga teacher and physical therapy assistant. My husband is an ultrarunner. My mother is slim, active, and healthy in her 80s.

You’d expect with all those good examples in front of me that I’d be much the same. But I’m not. I struggle.

Some folks asked in a private group about good ways to determine nutrients in a diet, so I shared and its analysis  of my husbands records for the last year as an example. I couldn’t share my own data because I’m bad about tracking. Doing that gave me a good look into my husband’s diet. I was gobsmacked. It’s just about a perfect diet in terms of nutrients and calories.

I live with this man. How could I have missed this? But I did.

This year one of my goals is to eat healthier and work out more. Having just realized that I have the perfect exemplar of both those traits living in my house, I’m going to follow his example. Cue the Jungle Book song, “I Want to be Like You.” If I do everything right, I’ll be just like him: productive, healthy, and deeply attractive. Right?

Well, maybe; maybe not. But at least it is a direction and it is free. I don’t need to pay a diet guru because I apparently live with one.

Hope your January is starting off healthy and delicious!

Be well, friends.

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