Fun Without Fairy Dust

My mother often asks, “How is the writing going?” My answer is nearly always the same: slowly.

I used to feel bad about that answer. In fact, this blog was originally started to answer my mother’s question in more detail because it’s easier to write some things than to answer them verbally. Even for a chatterbox like me.

Eventually I came to see that I might never be one of those people who tosses their hair and says, “Oh yes, I wrote 3,000 words in the last hour.”

It would be great if a fairy dusted me with some sort of writing superpower, but fairies are fickle and not to be relied upon. So I just put my time in, writing slowly, learning what I can, and enjoying where I am at.

These days I don’t expect banner days, so imagine my surprise when yesterday was one of them. That’s right. Yesterday I turned in the Thule book to Mia. I turned in two new chapters of my time travel romance to my romance group, and I completed an assignment for Dean.

In a bit of unearned grace, Mia offered me the chance to write another Thule story to replace the one that didn’t work if I can get it to her in a week or two. (Mia Kleve is a great editor and a wonderful human. If you’re looking for an editor, she’s one of the best.)

I have a fantastic idea for the new Thule story that will stretch me just a little and is right in the wheelhouse for my critique group and my husband. I’ll be able to get expert help on this one to make it even better. I’m excited.

No fairy dust, but lots of time playing around with stories and making consistent progress brought me yesterday’s banner day. Fun without fairy dust!

I hope you are also having fun and producing good work. And if the fairies do come by, I hope you’ll share some dust with me.

Be well, friends!

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