Geek Joy: Babylon 5 and Witchmark

The dietary program has been intense. Lots of interactions with the doctors and staff and others and lots of lectures, plus additional reading and videos. The food has been relatively easy. All I’ve needed to do is remove the oil and junk food from our already vegan diet.

I check in each morning and my advisor tells me that I can eat more food, which is great! I’m not hungry. I’m tracking what I eat visually on Instagram so if you are interested, just follow along. And if you want a recipe, just ask. (Though as you’ll see, it’s pretty simple food.)

It’s been a little while since I made geek girl noises, but here I simply must. First, one of my favorite books in the entire world, Witchmark, has been listed in Time Magazine as one of the top fantasy novels ever. I’m delighted!

Second, J. Michael Straczynski is doing something special for his patrons. He is going to watch Babylon 5 episodes with us and comment on them live while answering our questions. Just a cozy night of Babylon 5 with one of the best writer/producers of our time. I am so there for it! If this is also your jam, you can join his Patreon at the Starfury level or above.

That’s it for today. Writing continues, fighting for scraps of time in between everything else.

Be well, friends!

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