Happy New Year!

About fifteen years ago playing racquetball, I had my first dreadful experience of sciatica, which left me unable to move for weeks. That was the impetus to discover yoga, which has been a blessing in my life. I haven’t played racquetball since.

Until yesterday when I discovered that I still enjoyed it and that it still has the power to bring on sciatica, which is currently making it difficult to type with my left hand. (I am reasonably ok other than that.) The plan is to use yoga and core strengthening to slowly improve my body so that I can enjoy hitting a small blue ball in a white room again. Meanwhile, I’ll use the sauna, yoga, and other means to resolve today’s back pain so that I can write.

Later today I’ll post my list of stories completed in 2019 along with their descriptions, genres, and lengths.

Happy New Year, friends! May you celebrate your specialness today, realizing that tomorrow you leave 2019 behind to embark on 2020’s journey.

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  1. Sandra Greenberg says:

    Happy and Healthy New Year to my beautiful daughter Carolyn and her wonderful husband Steve.

    May you have everything good you both wish for yourselves in the coming year.

    Always with love from Mom

    1. Thank you! I wish the same to you and Bill!

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