Happy News

It’s been a good day in the writing sphere. I received another Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future for my story, “The Ginger Gambit,” which is my favorite Thule story. This brings the number of consecutive Honorable Mentions to five. Also, this means that three of the stories in my upcoming collection, Lightning Scarred and Other Stories, have earned Honorable Mentions from Writers of the Future. That’s quite the endorsement.

Even better, I received an acceptance letter accompanied by a contract from Jewish Fiction.net, a prestigious literary magazine. I sent them my contemporary Jewish romance, “What Elijah Brought,” that was inspired by our Zoom seder and my mother’s relationship. I wrote the story while in Kris Rusch’s Short Story Intensive. Kris said it was delightful and to send it out.

I am beyond excited that this quirky, little story found such a wonderful home. It will come out in their Pesach edition. I’ll give you the link and the information when it arrives.

I hope things are going well where you are. Be well, friends!

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