Heart-Thumping Good

I read an amazing short story last night. Halfway through, my heart started to beat faster. By the end of the story my heart thumped so hard I could barely hear other thoughts as they tried to slip edgewise into my mind.

I read a lot of short stories. In fact I’m doing nothing but reading short stories lately as I prep for the Short Story Intensive (now online instead of in person). Most of them are in anthologies with names like “The Best Stories of…” They’re not all to my taste. Some leave me so bored I just stop reading. Some are so filled with gore I can’t go on. By this point I think I know what I like in short stories.

Last night’s story surprised me. The level of suspense and tension kept me reading. I had trouble analyzing portions because I kept falling into the world so deeply I couldn’t make it out. And he did it in about 3,000 words.

I want to tear that story apart to see how he did it. Which we will certainly do tonight in my critique group.

Yes, that’s right. This story is an unpublished story written by one of my fellow Great Challenge writers. I recently joined the same critique group. Can I just say that I feel unworthy and excited at the same time to be with this fine groupĀ  of writers?

Nothing I’ve read to this point made me realize just how much I need to up my game than this story. I’m glad to have read it. Now, if I could just get my heart to settle down!

Hope you are also reading great stories. Be well, friends! And stay well.

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