Holiday Reading: WMG Holiday Spectacular

Every year Kris Rusch and WMG publish a short story a day for those who subscribe to their WMG Holiday Spectacular, which starts on Black Friday and continues through New Years Day. For the last several years and friend and I have been getting it and reading the stories together. It’s a fun way to connect and the stories are always good.

Kris is very protective of her readers. I know that the stories won’t be gorey, that children and animals won’t be harmed, and that even the darkest stories won’t be unrelieved bleakness. Plus because Kris is determined that this is a “holiday” calendar and not a “Christmas only” calendar, it’s one of the best places to read Hanukkah stories, plus a variety of holidays I’d never heard of.

The stories come in three categories: Mystery/Crime, Romance, and something fantastical. This year that something fantastical is time travel set around the holidays. It’s not too late to subscribe if you want to do that. Even if you aren’t sure you want to subscribe, go to the link because Kris gives away a free story from the Holiday Spectacular each week. Today it’s “Patterns” by Irette Y. Patterson. It will change to something else tomorrow, so click in to read the latest.

I thought it might be fun to mention some of the stories I’m reading here. I’m not setting out to cover each story and some stories that I love I may not mention. (I don’t have any stories in this year’s subscription, so this is just out of love of story that I’m sharing.)

Some of the notable highlights so far:

“Ice Dancing and Crab Apple Sorbet” by Melissa Yi is a powerfully tender second-chance romance between two champion figure skaters (MF) that wraps so much joy and character history into the story that by the time the sweet ending came, I had tears in my eyes that I was desperately hoping Steve didn’t see. One thing I admire is how strongly you feel the characters as themselves but also within the constellation of their families.

“Three Spectacular Capers and the Whatever It’s Called…” by Steven Mohan, Jr. is such a funny story with characters so well-drawn that I instantly knew them, loved them, and wanted to spend more time with them. It’s hard to write capers. It’s damn near impossible to write a short story caper, but I think Mohan pulls it off in this comedic tale. Seriously recommended!

“A Fluffy Black Ball of Pure Naughtiness” by Kari Kilgore is a sweet MM meet-cute romance story set in a small town. The descriptions of food and the unmistakeable attraction between the two main characters is pure marshmallow goodness. The Hidden Springs Inn where it takes place is apparently a place of love, treats, and a naughty cat and who doesn’t need more of those?

I hope your holiday season is going well and that your lives are filled with joy.

Be well, friends!

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