In the Mud and Slush

Cat Rambo, an editor and writer I greatly admire, is putting together a science fiction anthology on relationships of love and friendship. I can’t divert any more of my writing time to it so I asked if I could be one of her slushers. She says I’m on the list. I’m excited for the chance to see the process from the other side. And the short stories she’s requesting are the sort of thing I love.

We’ve finished both secret articles and have sent them to the publisher. We’ve been working fairly hard this year to produce material, but nothing has been published yet. By the end of the year or the start of 2021 we should have several projects all hitting the market at once. Right now, though, it sometimes feels like we are spinning our wheels through mud.

I developed a new schedule after Rosh Hashanah that structures my writing time a bit better and adds exercise time in. So far it’s working. I’m able to concentrate a bit better on the writing and I’m no longer missing exercise sessions.

Hope you are making it through the mud and writing good stuff. Be well, friends!

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