January in the Rearview; February Goals

Looking Back on January

It was challenging but I have accomplished some major writing goals this month and in one respect exceeded goals. In the Short Story Challenge, I ended up writing four short stories this month instead of three. I submitted one of them. My goal was to submit three.

I’ve took Dean Wesley Smith’s “Writing and Selling Short Fiction” course from WMG and it’s been invaluable.

If you are interested in any of their classic courses, there is an incredible deal. If you fund his current Kickstarter at any reward level (in other words, $20 or more) he will throw in some stretch goal goodies, including a Classic course. The Kickstarter ends on Feb. 7, so you have a bit under a week to investigate.

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Short Story Challenges: February

My short story course ends this month so one goal is to finish strong.

I will edit the short stories I wrote in January that I haven’t already submitted and submit them.

I will write at least two short stories in February and submit them.

I will read another five short stories by February 28.

Novel Goals: February

Early February I have my Craft workshop with Eric Flint on how to begin a novel. He will be reviewing my first three chapters. My plan is to take his recommendations on board and make any changes.

In addition, I continue to work on novel-writing craft with my David Farland study group and trying to get some good words packed into the later chapters of my primary novel: Whomsoever Saves One Life.

Health Goals: February

I plan to restart Galloway’s Couch to 5K program February 15.

After I return from my trip, I will restart healthy eating: relatively unprocessed, plant-based, low fat, and high vegetable foods.

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