I’m trying to wrap my brain around my schedule and task list. We have reached a point where our Apple Calendar has so many items on it that it is more confusing than helpful and it doesn’t even include the tasks that need to be done.

We also use Trello, though generally for goal setting and information collection. I’m re-examining its utility as a project management tool, because project management is what we need.

In addition to normal life events (which in our case includes a lot of travel in 2020) I’m also managing events for two writing groups and maintaining a very active class load in writing and publishing classes. I have a commitment to get our publishing company up with several stories written by me, Steve, and a friend of ours by early 2020. I also need to edit and send out the pile of short stories I’ve already written (33). That pile will only grow as the Great Challenge continues.

On the writing front, Steve and I are writing a game supplement under contract and I’m doing the deck plans for it. Ideally this will be done by the end of January, but only if I work on it. I have the Great Challenge (write a short story a week) that won’t complete until late May. I’m committed to writing three spec books in 2020. And I need to submit my quarterly story to the Writers of the Future contest.

I’m also learning digital art (for covers), though this is more hobby than anything else. I can always hire artists and probably will.

So that’s my life: writing, publishing, submitting, and learning about writing, publishing, and art. It’s a good life, but it needs a project manager.

Oh, wait! I know a great project manager. I’ll just add project management to my list.

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