Leap Day

Leap Day always seems a bit magical to me and inspires me to check in with myself and my calendar.

Four years ago on Leap Day, I was still working at FedEx making happy plans. Steve had been offered the opportunity to speak in New Orleans and we were looking forward to exploring the city together. I ordered special Leap Day tea from Adagio (Brigadoon tea).

A few days later everything changed for us. We had to leave Memphis and cancel our plans to race to my father’s side, who was not doing well and would die a short time later.

The plan for 2016 had been to leave FedEx and start my writing career in September 2016 and spend more time with my father, getting his advice on writing a business plan. Obviously part of that plan no longer worked.

Work intensified. After my father’s death, I truly didn’t care if I left or not anymore. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to write ever again. Plus FedEx seemed to need me. Steve encouraged me to keep to the plan. So at the end of 2016 I left for my new writing career deeply uncertain.

If this were a Hallmark movie, I would have discovered my true gift for writing. It would have happened very quickly. I’d be making a living writing books hailed by critics as masterpieces while living in a small town with an adoring husband.

I have the adoring husband, which is a bit of grace that I am deeply thankful for. I’ve made progress in my chosen career, learned a lot, and I’m happy. Though as everyone knows who has lost someone, happiness coexists with sadness and loss.

This Leap Day I ordered the Brigadoon tea from Adagio. I started a novel that I will dedicate to my father (it seems only appropriate for a novel I started on Leap Day weekend.) I will finish my short story of the week. Everything looks hopeful. It’s not a Hallmark movie of the week, but it is a very good life. That’s a kind of magic all its own.

I hope you find your own magic this Leap Day. Be well, friends!


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