Life Update

I’ve created a new graphic for my main identity page: This one fits better with the Thule anthology stories and I think it looks better as well.

Graphic from

I met with my new doctor who seems to think that I will have an easier time than his other patients with the nutrition program, partially because I’m already vegan and this is a vegan program. At the same time, I won’t show the dramatic progress in heart health that he sees in people who have more serious problems that they are dealing with. I’m ok with not having serious problems. The problems I do have is that I eat when I’m anxious or feeling other emotions. That is something we will work on.

Steve and I are still editing and writing, mostly focused on the gaming supplement at this point. Writing is focused on the Chef Station novella this week. Otherwise, I continue on with learning, writing, and editing.

This weekend we are attending two connected virtual cons: Ring of Fire Con and Fnord Con (Steve Jackson Games’ Con). They are free and quite good.

Be well, friends!

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