Light through Darkness

Happy Diwali to my friends who celebrate it. May your days be filled with light and color.

I am finding my way through my own darkness as I work in my artificial, no-politics, no social media, no-people bubble. Its just been a few days and I’m amazed at how much happier and productive I am avoiding politics and social media.

We delivered the edited draft of Secret Project 2 to the publisher. I think the next step is play-testing. At least I hope it is.

I made progress learning the Save the Cat method of plotting and how to create a high concept idea. And I’m making progress on two writing projects.

I’ll probably update this blog about once a week while I’m huddling and working. I will emerge on December 23 and talk to people again at that point.

In the meantime, may light shine on your lives. I hope you are getting through these dark months with sunshine in your hearts. Be well, friends.

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