Love and Superstars Prep

The heart does not recognize boundaries on a map, or wars, or political policies. The heart does as the heart does.
–Delenn in Babylon 5 by J. Michael Straczynski

That’s the quote I  was thinking of when I said “love is all the same, isn’t it?” And in a way,  love is all the same. “The heart wants, what the heart wants,” as Delenn puts it. For the most part we should not stand in the way of other people’s consensual, mutual love.

I’ve thought about what this means for weeks now. Because while it may be true that all love stems from our common mammalian past, not all love faces the same challenges or the same dilemmas. Otherwise there could just be one romance story with no need for more.

It isn’t that love is love. Love exists in a world fraught with danger to love. Who a character is and who they love creates ripples in the world. And the world fights back to maintain the status quo.

I need to think less about the love part of romance and more about the constraints and how that intersects with love, either supporting it or opposing it.

Speaking of  love, I head to Superstars this evening through a snowstorm. I am excited and unready in a professional sense but so very ready to be with Tribe. We are getting everything packed up and ready to hit the road today. We arrive tonight.

I hope your life is filled with love  of all sorts and combinations. Be well, friends!

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