Magpie Musings

My book launch went better than my wildest dreams. At one point the book was listed as number ten in Amazon’s Top Releases, which was just breathtaking. I’m so beyond grateful I cannot express it. The buzz is settled down a bit, but the book is still doing quite well.

I set up a Facebook Author page where I’ll be sharing news about the current book and any new releases as well as interesting tidbits about Vikings or ancient maritime people. Setting up a newsletter is also in the plans.

I’ve started on my next book tentatively titled, “Argosy,” though that will probably change. Currently it is set in the 3rd Century BC in the Mediterranean Sea. I’ve written nine short stories set in Argosy, so I’m beginning to get a sense of the place and I love the characters.

I missed the deadline to turn in the Cave Creek story I’m working on, but since I love it, I’m continuing to play with it. I’m starting to realize that one type of story I love writing is the relationship story. This is such a story. It combines all sorts of things I love, so even if there isn’t a Cave Creek home for it in the future, it’s still worth writing.

I continue to progress in Dave Farland’s 318R class. It’s such an amazing amount of information that at the end of each Saturday night I am spent, my brain is trembling, and I don’t know how I will ever incorporate everything I’m learning.

I don’t have much more to say about myself except if you are waiting for correspondence from me (still!) know that I am setting aside part of this week to catch up with people. I’d underestimated the amount of time it would take to deal with the book launch.

Cool Stuff!

Some of my friends are doing some amazing things that I thought I would share with you.

William Allen Webb has two new releases in his latest Hit World series, which are a bit too violent for me, but I know are well-loved by quite a few people. At this point he’s really honed his skill in the field of dangerous excitement. If you like science fiction thrills, take a look at his new series.

Elizabeth Chatsworth’s debut novel, The Brass Queen, has a coveted spot as a BookBub Featured Deal this week. Her new book is going for just $.99. She’s gotten some great press from Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal, and others. I ordered her book a week ago because it looks like just the sort of thing I love. I recommend it to you as well.

Another friend has a free comic available: Pink Punk Fresh Layer. It’s fun with a beautiful swoopy, colorful style. Check it out.

Finally, one of my more literary friends, William Aicher, has a book of poetry available for pre-order that looks like it will be thought-provoking. He mostly writes horror and thrillers, but I’ve always thought that his style shows a good control of the language so I look forward to his poetry collection and have pre-ordered it. You can get a good sense of his work by checking out his short fiction in his Creepy Little Bedtime Stories series.

I know that today has been a pile of shiny things, as if I were a literary magpie, but that is what I have today. I hope things are shiny where you are.

Be well, friends!

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