March Forward! Goals

There are a number of challenges to my timely production of short fiction in March. I’m going to attend a race with my husband in a week. Then MidsouthCon in two weeks, and a variety of other activities that interfere with writing. So I’m taking a cautious approach to my March plans.

Short Story Challenge

My plan for March is to write a pirate story for the Superstars Pirate anthology and one other story.

I will submit two new stories to suitable markets.

I will beta read pirate stories in my Superstars beta group.

I will read another five short stories.

Novel Goals

Incorporate Eric Flint’s recommendations in my first three chapters.

Complete the course on Endings offered by Dean Wesley Smith.

Begin the process of converting Emptiness is Form into a novella by revising the hook and writing the second chapter.

Finish beta reading my friend’s novel.

I continue to work on novel-writing craft with my David Farland study group.

Health Goals

I continue to just work on getting enough vegetables in my diet and trying to move. My goal for March is 10,000 steps a day.

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