We are in Albuquerque today, heading home through Texas and Oklahoma. Mysteriously there are people who prefer traveling through Western Kansas, which boggles my mind.

I’m still sick (flu?) and can’t talk above a whisper, which means that Steve dominates the conversation. So strange! It also means that it is pointless to interview builders here in Albuquerque since I can’t talk to ask questions. So we will head home soon.

Once I’m home again, I’ll begin work on the next short story and do some market research. I have three types of historical fantasy that I love writing in: Progressive Era, Ancient Mediterranean/Argosy, and Viking/Thule. I love them all, so now I need to figure out whether one of them is more marketable than the others.

In addition, Steve has an idea for two historical series (non-fiction) and I need to do some market research on those.

I don’t expect that we will take the world by storm. Brian Meeks said something at Superstars that set it all in context for me. He said his first year writing he earned $250. But it increased from there. A few years later, he brought in a six-figure income from writing. He is data-driven and deeply analytical on every aspect of publishing.

There are different types of inspiration to be had at Superstars. James A. Owen is deeply emotional and helped me realize that it is all about the journey. We are not defeated until we stop trying. Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta inspire me to work hard, to be professional, and to treat each person as if they matter, because they do. Eric Flint is a stone-cold pragmatist, cutting through the flutter with solid advice.

Brian Meeks inspired me with his focus on data and math. If you can understand it, you can make it happen.

I’m excited. Next year my books and Steve’s books will be available. And in a few years? Who knows? Maybe enough money to live without worries.

I hope you are well and that you have had your immunization against flu so that you stay that way.

Be well, friends!

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