Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Today is Christmas and tonight is the last night of Hanukkah. I like to think that the holidays coming in this convergence represents the hope for greater amity for the coming year, but I know there is no magic in the calendar. Instead, we are the source of kindness and goodness. My prayer for you today is that you give and experience love and compassion and that we all have a good year in 2023.

Here in Albuquerque people traditionally put out luminaria (also called farolitas), which are paper bags with a bit of sand and a candle placed inside. Every year people tour my neighborhood to see the spectacular luminaria. I thought I’d share a few photos with you as a treat for the holiday.

Be well, friends! Hug your loved ones. May you find joy.

Our house ready for the tour. Since we aren’t Christian but want to participate in the lighting customs here, we’ve put delicate little white lit branches along with the luminaria.
These folks do an amazing job each year. I’m showing you their house before it’s dark so that you can see the statuary they put out each year. This year the peacock is new. The polar bear with cub is adorable and lit up at night.
The view from our house at dusk.
You can make out the people touring the neighborhood (barely) in this photo.
Most luminaria are made using a paper bag and a candle, however these folks are using electric lights in their bags, which are quite a bit brighter than candles.
People looking out at the tourists looking in.
I love this! These folks arranged some of their luminaria in the center of their yard to form a star.
A view of the street to show how magnificent it looks.
Vehicles are wonderfully decorated on the tour. Here are a few motorcycles.

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