My Verdant Office

Today is Steve’s long run day (2.5 hours today) so I’ve found a place under a tree in Shelby Park (which is thankfully open) to park myself. Normally I sit in Starbucks or the Shelby Park Cheffies to work, enjoying their coffee and WiFi. But nothing is open except the outdoors, so I brought my own thermos with hot water and packets of dry coffee.

Birds chatter around me. The air is fresh, and the view verdant. Plus it’s a perfect 70 degrees out here. It’s a wonderfully serene way to work.

Best part? I can see people moving around the park. I’m too far from them to eavesdrop, but that’s ok. I’ll make up my own stories about them.

What makes this possible is my RAVPower Smart Powerstation, which I bought for my first Superstars. It’s been a boon companion in this parlous times. It will completely charge my laptop or charge any number of phones and iPads. It is truly a friend for the road.

I hope you are someplace beautiful today or that you will be soon. Be well, friends! And stay well.

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