NaNoWriMo 2019 – Day 11

Yesterday was an amazing day for writing. I wrote so quickly it actually felt as if I were reading the story rather than creating it. I ended up writing 4,176 words, which has me caught up as of yesterday. Of course today is another day.

Part of the reason I was able to write quickly is that I’m in a project my inner toddler likes. There’s no force involved in getting the story down. She’s not digging her heels in and wailing. She’s just telling me a story. It’s a lot more fun to write this way.

The other reason I was able to write so quickly was the encouragement of sprinting friends at NaNo Pirates.

This story is based on inspiration from one of the fake covers I made using Daz 3D and PhotoShop. Here it is:

Faerie Bomber for blog

I also sent my short story of the week to Dean, which doubles as the beginning to the novel. I am now in the second half of the Great Challenge. At this point I’ve written 26 stories in 26 weeks. There were a few people who told me that this was an impossible challenge. Now I’m halfway through it, beating their predictions of my imminent failure by months. I feel powerful. I feel invincible.

I feel good!


Word Count: 16,865

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