NaNoWriMo 2019 – Day 25

Just five days left of NaNoWriMo, or four days if I don’t include today. Four days to write 11,000 words. It’s not impossible, but it is challenging. And obviously this is the week I take up the challenge.

I delivered my short story to Dean last night but it was a bit of a mess. I ended up changing from first person to third person, changing the prose, and then changing it again from third person to first and making the changes again. It needs a very thorough edit. Still it is a good story with a  fun character that I can see myself writing more about in the future.

Some of my favorite characters and stories come from my own life and experiences. This one is a back-of-the-pack marathoner, a member of Marathon Maniacs, and a person involved in rescuing people who need her help. She’s sweet, sassy, and reasonably competent. Writing about her allows me to use my crazy race stories. The back of the pack is filled with crazy people and amazing happenings.  The ultra running world is all that on steroids. Lots of fun!

39,036 words

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