NaNoWriMo 2019 – Day Four

Here’s something virtually no one knows about my writing process. I reward myself for completing a short story and turning it in to Dean on Sunday by giving my inner child some digital art time, usually on Sunday night or Mondays. When I finished my short story and sent it into Dean last night, I took some time for art. It’s my victory lap.

I play around with Daz 3D or I make covers for pretend books in PhotoShop or some other art program. If I’m lucky, the art inspires the writing. I also make maps and other items. In fact, I usually don’t write on Mondays at all. I clean house and do art. For example, here is the fake book cover I made that inspired this book:

Argosy cover



Today I’ll do some writing since it is NaNoWriMo and not merely another Monday. The short story doubles as my novel start, but for the novel I take off the validation from the end, which gives a short story closure, and will add in some texture and sensation since a novel has more room to immerse readers in the world. Texturizing the 5500 words already written will be my goal today. I don’t  expect to add a full  1667 NaNo words, but I’ll get something, which will be more than a normal Monday.

Word Count: 5,507

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