NaNoWriMo 2019 – Day Nine

We won the Great War of the Grain Bugs.

Some context: We have been fighting the grain bug encroachment in our kitchen for much of this year. Steve in particular has been doughty fighter for the cause. Thursday night he let me know that he was reaching his frustration point with them. He is not a cat. He doesn’t enjoy running after small, slow, flying insects, nor is he a pacifist when it comes to bugs. So I set out to do the work that I only I can do: interrogating each bag of grain and box of whatnot in the cabinet and making a decision. Then replacing the old shelf paper.

Cleaning out all the cabinets where the grain bugs might be living took some time yesterday.  In fact, it took my writing time, but it is done. Fortunately for me, Max let me know that they needed a sprinting partner. Without Max’s timely intervention, no writing would have happened yesterday because after our sprints I got a call from a family member who needed support.

Finally Shabbat settled her beautiful arms around us and we rested with halvah and port. It was a good day, filled with meaningful purpose but not enough writing.

Today will be a quiet writing day and I’ll see how much I can get done.

Word Count: 10,861

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