NaNoWriMo 2019 – Day Three

Yesterday was our NaNoWriMo Kickoff and Write-In. I find I get fewer words written during write-ins but enjoy the people and the socializing. This one was no different.

At the Kick-Off Write-In yesterday I met a woman who writes (on a normal basis) 10,000 words a day. I was dizzy with excitement at meeting her. Unfortunately just meeting someone doesn’t mean their abilities rub off on me. So I need to power ahead as best as I can with my relatively slow writing speed. But knowing it is possible, for real people: priceless!

Steve’s recommendation yesterday was golden and now the story is chugging along. I like the characters again and I find my main character’s problem relatable. I’m enjoying putting together the world. Today I get to explore the difference between people on the boat known as the party boat and Chloris’ home boat. Captain Nomiki makes several appearances in this one and offers some advice on leadership to Chloris that she desperately needs.

Today I will write in Starbucks while Steve does his long run (three incredible hours of running). Primary focus today is finishing the short story to send to Dean Wesley Smith as part of the Great Challenge. The story doubles as the beginning of my novel. I’ll remove the validation to use the story as the first several scenes. I anticipate that the short story will be about 5,000 to 6,000 words instead of my more common 4,200.

Word Count: 4086

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