NaNoWriMo Day 17

It’s been an active few days. Last night I attended a recap of the recent 50 books to 20K event given by a friend who went there. You can find a playlist of videos of all the event’s panels here. It’s incredibly generous that they offer this to those of us who can’t go to Las Vegas for one reason or another. Though as Bill points out, the one thing the videos can’t do is provide networking opportunities. 

Speaking of Bill, one of the enchanting things about extroverts is that they shed little facts about themselves naturally. Bill told us that he writes every single day, Christmas included. I aspire to that. And here’s the thing, I know that Bill does this while also taking care of a large house and a bunch of dogs as well as his wife. Color me impressed and just a tint of green with envy. But this is within my power to do as well. I just need to sit down in my chair every day and do it (as Steve usefully pointed out). But I’m still deeply impressed, largely because he does it while keeping up with social media and participating in writing events.

Last night we also attended a Q&A for the Micronomicon so that we could answer questions about Thule, our microsetting in the book. (If you love RPGs, you will love the Micronomicon, which has a ton of stuff that can be used in a variety of campaigns. John David Payne has given his life to this project for a few years. It’s pretty incredible as a compendium of spells, but it also has a lot of micro settings ready to drop into your campaign. Plus each section has a piece of flash fiction to introduce it. It’s a major work. Check it out!

We continue to repair the house. People keep asking me when it will be done. Our estimate is 3-5 years. Hopefully the big stuff (taking out walls, creating new rooms and a new exterior) will start in January or February and be finished within a month of starting. We estimate that we will be able to have guests spend the night in something that looks ok by April. Though if we get guests before that, it’s ok. They will just have to bear the unfinished look of things.

NaNoWriMo continues on. I am working through Holly Lisle’s Week Two of How to Write a Novel. It was emotionally wrenching to go through my intense memories and pull them through the lens of the exercises. Holly says that this will give subtext to my stories. I’ll be glad to go on to the next lesson. There really is no one better at awakening the unconscious as Holly Lisle. Different writing teachers offer many different things, so its a wonderful privilege for me to have the opportunity to learn from a lot of them.

I will be starting on the next Relationships short story today for Dean’s class.  I’m hoping to finish it by Friday, which would open up my weekend to start the next short story and to go out with new friends for tea.

That’s the update. I hope  your NaNo is producing plenty of words for you.

Be well, friends!

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